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Registering for the Risk Management Website

* Insureds must register before logging in.

The registration process is quick and easy and multiple people from your firm can register and create their own password.

Logging on to the Risk Management Website (once you have already registered)

  • Brokers: log in with your company email address and click the “Log In” button. No password required.
  • Insureds: log in with your company email address and unique password you created during registration

Please enter a valid value

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Risk management services are provided as complimentary resources for our insureds. These services may change from time to time and may be subject to limitations.

If you have a problem logging in, please fill out our support form.


The information set forth on the Beazley Risk Management website is intended as general risk management information for firms providing professional services in the United States and is not Canadian-specific. It is made available with the understanding that Beazley does not render legal services or advice. It should not be construed or relied upon as legal advice and is not intended as a substitute for consultation with counsel. Beazley has not examined and/or had access to any particular circumstances, needs, contracts and/or operations of any party having access to this website in connection with the forms and information contained on this website. There may be specific issues under applicable law, or related to the particular circumstances of your contracts or operations, for which you may wish the assistance of counsel. Although reasonable care has been taken in preparing the information set forth on this website, Beazley accepts no responsibility for any errors it may contain or for any losses allegedly attributable to this information.